I am continually amazed at how many people proclaim that whenever they pray to God and/or ask Him/Her for something, they never hear anything in return. "God has forsaken me," they say.

At that I am compelled to ask the individual, "So how much time do you spend with God such as going to church, praying and so on?"

I am surprised by the candor of most who think this answer should be enough: "Well, I go to church on Sundays."

I then ask, "Yet how many hours do you spend watching a baseball, basketball, or football game on television?"

Without hesitation they are always quick to respond, "Oh about six to eight hours a week, sometime more, why?" They even know ever statistic related to each and every game and/or each and every player. Yet they don't know one verse by heart from the Bible.

Thus, I think the answer to my question is quite obvious; don't you? Most individuals spend more time watching television, going on vacation, going out with friends, and similar flights of fancy than they spend with God.

In my world I have always seen God as I would a parent or even grand parent. Given that, it would be quite callous of me to only spend an hour a week seeing or talking with them. Likewise, it would be even more callous of me to go out in public with my parents looking as though I was getting ready to go to bed or collect garbage. So then, why do people wonder why God does not answer? Didn't someone say, "you only get what you put into it."

Simply, if you haven't the time for God, why should He/She have the time for you?

More importantly, who believes that you can show up to church in the clothes you dig holes, or play basketball in, or even what you would shop at Walmart in? How little respect do people really have for God?

Yet people will dress to the "nines" for a date, a wedding, or while appearing on television. But they can't dress up in something formal to see God once a week?

If you don't understand what I am saying than ask yourself this one question: how would you feel if you had a child that spent less than one hour a week with you, didn't take the time to dress up when they came to see you or when they went out to dinner with you, but kept asking you for something everything their life was turned upside down? Would you be so eager to give them what they want?

Moreover, how much time do you give in your community on behalf of God? Showing up at a charitable event once a month or once every two months, or more commonly once a year is not a commitment from the heart -- its just a perfunctory fulfillment of an obligation you might otherwise have ignored if there were something better to do.